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Сохраняем казачьи традиции для вас
Готовим по старинным казачьим рецептам
Конные прогулки по Дельте Дона
Старинные казачьи обряды


Welcome to Kumzha!

Kumzha is a unique open-air museum, showcasing traditional life of the Don Cossacks. Discover South Russia’s history and find out how Cossacks once lived according to the changing seasons, through the customs and traditions, work celebrations and everyday life of times gone by. 

At Kumzha, you would be able to celebrate festive occasions throughout the year. Soak up Cossack’s culture from Maslenitsa folk festival filled with pancakes and kids’ games to Shermicii, where Cossacks’  from all over the world compete in multiple disciplines from equestrian sports to traditional martial arts.

 Kumzha is located in a picturesque historical place where Don River meander through steppes. Explore traditional Cossacks homes “Kureni”, ride a stallion from our Stables or taste Don cuisine at our local restaurant Vazhnaya Ryba(that means Important Fish).

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